Thyagaraja was the greatest among the music composers of South India and one of the musical prodigies of all time.  He was the father of modern Karnataka music and his works are of delicate spirituality, full of melodic beauty and in the highest sense artistic.  As a child he as already remarkable for his predilection for music and a gift for composing and wrote his first song when he was hardly 13.  Soon he reached the loftiest pinnacle of musical fames and composed the grandest songs ever written and two music plays of uneqalled beauty.

171st Aradhana Festival

Pancha Rathna

6th January 2018  


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166th Aradhana Festival - 2012

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Thyagaraja is the most popular of the musical Trinity, all born in Thiruvarur, the sacred town which has been placed on the same pedestal with Kasi(Benaras), as having the unique distinction of giving salvation or mukthi to the person born in the former and shuffling of his mortal coils in the latter.

Grand son of Giriraja Kavi and son of the Ramabrahmam, a scholar learned in Vedas and Shashtras, he had his first music lesson from Sonti Venkataramanayya, the Palace Vidwan of Thanjavur. At the age of 16, he was initiated into the tharaka mantra of Sri Rama by a sage from Kanchi.
He spent most of his time doing pooja and singing to the idols  of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita, and thus his compositions were inspired and infused with Rama bhakthi. His music as extensive, yet direct and instantaneous. His compositions in vogue may be about 600 to 700, as his journey far and wide in the realms of his imagination created melodic patterns in various varjya and vakra ragas.
At Tirupathi, he is said to have miraculously raised the drawn curtain with his song, “Theradiyzka RAdha” and breathed life into a person who had drowned in a temple well with his kriti, “Najeevadara”, Another incident is related of how Rama and Lakshmana armed with bows and arrows guarded his palanquin when it was attacked by robbers.Aware of his approaching end, he took Sanyasa. On the 10th day of his Sanyasa, he merged with eternity.
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The vast temple in this town, known as "Dakshina Kailasam" (Southern abode of Shiva), built in an area of approximately 60000 square meters, boasts of 5 'prakarams' (outer precincts used for religious purposes) and many 'mandapams' (great halls) morre

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